T2017 RegistrationExample

The registration example below is a series of screen shots from the registration process along with comments that are designed to show you how to register for the Humana Military beneficiary self-service site.

Please note, if you have a DS Logon account, you do not need to register with Humana Military. To log in use your existing DS Logon account please visit:
DS Logon

This registration example is for John Powell - an active duty TRICARE sponsor who is serving in the Army.

Step 2

The beneficiary enters their identifying information, user ID, email address and password and clicks on the "Continue" button. This information is validated against DEERS.

Step 3

The beneficiary reviews and confirms the information entered is correct. If the beneficiary needs to make changes they should click on the "Back" button at the bottom of the page. This will return to Step 2 to start the registration process again where personal information is validated against DEERS. If the information is correct, the beneficiary should click the "Continue" button.

Step 4

The beneficiary reads the "Disclaimer" that covers information that they will be able to access through Beneficiary self-service. He then clicks on the "I Agree" button. If the beneficiary clicks on the "I disagree" button, they would not be able to obtain a self-service user ID.

Step 5

The beneficiary receives a confirmation screen to let them know registration was successful and a verification email has been sent to the email address entered. Open the email sent and complete the verification step to ensure you receive important information from Humana Military. The beneficiary then clicks the “Finish" button and will be re-directed to the log in screen to enter their user id and password just created.

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